Martha Hamilton PT, MS, LMT, CST, CLT-LANA is a physical therapist with over 30 years of experience.  She is also a licensed massage therapist and massage therapy instructor.  She holds a certification in Craniosacral Techniques from the Upledger Institute and is working on the advanced Diplomate level of certification.  She is also a certified teaching assistant with the Upledger Institute and is a sanctioned study group leader for craniosacral therapy in McKinney.  She has practiced craniosacral therapy for 16 years.  Her massage practice has been specialized for the practice of craniosacral therapy and manual lymph drainage. Martha is also a certified lymphedema therapist,  holding certification from the Chikly Institute (LLCC) as well as from the Lymphology Association of North America (CLT-LANA).  These certifications require at least 140 hours of training with written and practical examinations.  She continues to attend training in both craniosacral therapy and lymphedema management each year.